Cynthia's Favorite Activities To Do With Her Mother

You vow you are going to spend hours and hours visiting your mother or father this weekend. But, if you're perfectly honest, minutes sometimes feel like hours. You can't take sitting through another rerun of Law & Order and due to your daily phone calls, there's not much conversation or family gossip to catch up on. 

Not to worry! Working Daughter Cynthia H. has some great recommendations for activities you can do with your parent. " My Mom came alive when there were meaningful and easy activities for her to do," she says. Here are some of her favorites:

Color: Large Print Adult Coloring Book with Flowers & Easy Designs "This large print coloring book for adults gave mom an activity that she could see an enjoy. She would color by the hours and let her inner artist out."

Word search: Large Print Word Search "Mom always did love a good wordsearch. Her stroke damaged her eye muscles and small print was hard to see. This large print book was a game changer."

Brain games: Joggin' Your Noggin Word Games "Especially after Mom's stroke, she needed to exercise her brain to strengthen the memory she still had. This was a fun activity that she could do on her own or with me."

Sing: Film Collection DVD "How do you keep your elder from getting lonely when they are bed-bound in their nursing home? Musicals from their youth! When she was too tired to watch, the songs lulled Mom to sleep. With so many on one DVD, the staff didn't have to swap DVDS as often."

Paint: Reusable Water Paints "Mom was a watercolor artist by hobby, so these reusable watercolor paintings were easy to use and no clean up! All you need to add is a paint brush and a glass of water. We'd paint together and admire each other's work."
Puzzles: Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzles "The puzzle pieces are easy to see, hold and put together. Durable foam makes it a nice tactile change too. Once she completed the puzzle, we'd take turns making up stories about the days she was a 1950's bride and young mother in the kitchen."
Thanks Cynthia!