Working Daughter Approved Products for Managing Incontinence

Ask a  group of experienced family caregivers what products they recommend for incontinence and at least several of them will tell you Tena products are their go-to. They praise the comfort, fit, absorption and skin protection. As Working Daughter Trish S. says, "We’ve tried them all or enough to know Tena is the best!"

But adult briefs aren't all that you need. Bed pads are helpful to keep your family member dry overnight. Laurie T. highly recommends Remedies Washable Bed Pads. "They are huge, do the job and wash well," she says. "Best of all, although they are very good quality, they are the first washable bed pads my mother has decided aren't 'too nice to use' for their intended purpose!"

She also recommends the Janibell Slim Adult Diaper Disposal System. "This thing has changed my life. Seriously, buying this and getting my mom to use it was probably the highlight of my year." Now that's an endorsement.